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    Building a Sustainable 460 Acre Community in Georgia

  • Our 460 Acre Community

    As of 11/20 we have a few spots open to the public to join our Collective

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    Community owned + managed

    We are using an entirely new blueprint to collectively build our sustainable community.

    We all share voting rights, ownership, management responsibilties, and even profits.

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    Sustainable Economy

    We can create our own economy by supporting eachother, educating eachother, and investing into our ideas collectively

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    Building What We Need

    We joined together around the vision of building everything we need to sustain oursleves and our neighbors. This includes things like an area for education, an area for health and wellness, farmland, gardens, livestock, workspaces, and much much more.


    Who are we? We are The Collective!

    The collective is made up of over 140 families from all over America that came together to build a community where we can live a peaceful life, have a secure environment, and create a more sustainable lifestyle by working with eachother to create the neighborhood we want to live in!


  • What is

    Sponsor a Plant

    Sponsor a Tree?


    We designated a minimum of 2.5 acres of the community to a Fruit Tree Orchard and a Community Garden.


    This allows you to help in 4 ways:

    1. Support our community while having your name engraved in our community forever
    2. Build the Community Fruit Orchard and Community Gardens
    3. Provide Natural Produce for people who need it the most
    4. Ensure food sovereignty in our community

    Learn More or Make Your Choice Below!

  • Sponsor a Plant

    • Choose your plant
    • Name your plant
    • Certificate of Ownership
    • Help feed Disenfranchised families
    • Attend annual growing events
    • Donation Amount: $175


  • Sponsor a Tree

    • Choose your Tree
    • Name your Tree
    • Certificate of Ownership & Registration
    • Tree Plaques in honor of donors
    • Help feed Disenfranchised families
    • Attend annual growing events
    • Donation Amount: $900


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    Introducing The Years BIGGEST Building Event!

    We are hosting an invite-only building event to build our 460 acre sustainable community.


    We are excited to have the following people and businesses at our event:

    • Vendors
    • Business Owners
    • Builders
    • Suppliers
    • Contractors
    • Banks & Lenders
    • Architects, Engineers & Developers
    • Tiny Home & Off-Grid Developers

    We want to have an amazing event where we can choose who is going to help us build our community!



  • Sign up to

    Build Our Multi-Million Dollar Urban Homestead



    General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Solar, Carpenters, Welders, CAD Designers, Architects, Engineers, Off-Grid, Barndominium, Container Homes, Earth Home & Tiny Home Builders







    Home Improvement, solar panels & batteries, fitness & medical equipment, office equipment, small electric vehicles, farm equipment, fencing, playgrounds, soil & farming equipment







    Produce, Agricultural Products, Crafts, Art, Home Decor, Food, Drinks, Businesses Services, Health & Wellness Practicioners, Landscapers, Educators, Agricultural Businesses






    Banks & Lenders

    New Construction Lenders, Refinancing Products, Equipment Lenders, Alternative Financing, Commercial Lending, Prefab + Modular Lending, Tiny Home + Container Home Lending





  • Our Event Sponsors

    We want to acknowledge some of the event's biggest sponsors!


    "The Top Provider"


    • Customized event banner
    • Get featured in our newsletter for 6 months
    • Get a booth at event
    • Preferred status for products or services offered to the community
    • Sponsor a plant


    "The Top Farmer"


    • Everything in "The Top Provider" Plus:
    • Social Media Promo - 6 months
    • 1 Year feature in our Newsletter
    • Sponsorship of 5 plants
    • Receive plaque at event


    "The Top Builder "


    • Everything in "The Top Farmer" Plus:
    • Large customized event banner
    • Social Media Promo - 1 yr.
    • 2 Year feature in our newsletter
    • Sponsorship of 2 trees


    "The Top Developer"


    • Everything in "The Top Builder" Plus:
    • 1 year land advertisement
    • Greenhouse & Tower Farms sponsorship
    • Social Media Branding
    • 5 yr newsletter feature
    • EXCLUSIVE Provider
  • Grow with us! 

    Make a tax deductable contribution to help us build Our Community!

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    Luxury Glamping Yurts

    Luxury Glamping Yurts

    The Hereafter, Sandersville, Ga
    Welcome to The Hereafter, our expansive 460-acre haven, where off-grid luxury meets the allure of the wild. Our Yurts, oozing comfort and rustic charm, come outfitted with wood-burning stoves, snug beds, and solar power for a seamless blend of nature and convenience. We've endeavored to cater to your every need for a relaxed stay. Witness the birth of a sustainable community on our premises while reveling in the unspoiled landscapes during our pre-development phase. Whether you're an experienced globetrotter or a camping novice, we aspire to deliver an unforgettable experience within our budding community. We have 6 Yurts in total. Each Yurt has a wood burning stove, Wi-fi, shared bathroom access, stocked toiletries, 2-3beds, desk, lighting, solar generator, and other furnishings you may want during your stay. This Yurt can accommodate up to 3 adults and 3 children. You'll receive Wi-fi password in welcome email after booking.
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    Event time zone:America/New York GMT-05:00
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